Reach1 is an organization founded by Markus McFolling. Markus grew up in inner-city California regularly facing adversity. He excelled in football to escape his realities and began to play professional football until a career-ending injury took away everything he knew, and his identity destroyed. Facing depression and a lack of purpose, Markus turned to his prescriptions and fell into a dark addiction. After one life-changing moment, Markus checked himself into faith-based rehabilitation and has never been the same. Reach1 stands for Reconciling Every Abandoned Child Home. Every single person has infinite value. It’s all worth it if ONE person is changed forever. Reach1’s mission is to inspire a generation of world-changers to live a life of purpose, power, and destiny. We are passionate about the next generation


Meet Markus & Chelsea McFolling

Markus and Chelsea met in 2011 at Malone University. They married in 2014 and welcomed two daughters into their family in 2016 and 2019. They have since both trekked through the valleys and celebrated on the mountaintops. During Markus’s battle with addiction, they were tested and stretched beyond their wildest imaginations. Forged by the fire, Markus and Chelsea each now have their own individual stories of trial and triumph and together inspire people to continue fighting their battles with practical applications as well as with love, grace, and faith based on their journey together.