Again, thank you so much for your speech today. It inspired me so much. I know how it is to not have a dad in your life. My dad isn’t really a part of my life, and sometimes I blame it on myself too. It was so hard for me not to cry when you got to the really emotional part of your story. I have had thoughts about ending my life for about 3 and a half years now, but my friends have always helped me through the hard times and I am so grateful for them. I felt like you were speaking straight to my broken heart. So thank you so much for your very heartwarming and inspirational speech and God bless you😊


Thank you so much for the inspiring message today! I felt very encouraged today. Everyday I witness and receive bullying. I have gone through a similar situation as you but I was able to end up living in a loving family. But sadly I still have those days where I feel discouraged and unworthy. Kids are really mean sometimes and today your message really helped. I want to be able to speak to other kids about my story someday to help them. You’ve inspired me to pursue that dream.


Hey Markus…I completely forgot to thank you for coming in and talking to us on Monday. So far both of the times you have came in had truly changed the way I think about how others feel and the way I think of myself. And so far,both of the times you came in you made me cry(in a good way). Your words are honestly super inspiring .. you the only inspirational speaker that I truly listen to and look forward to when they come in. It’s like you get each and every single one of us. I’m really proud of what your doing, and how your doing it. Again. Thank you so much Markus💯👏🏻


Hello sir.   I must say I did not know your name until today.   My daughter came home from Indian Creek Middle School in Mingo Jct and told me about an amazing assembly today.   Her exact words were “ the best assembly ever!”   I wanted to personally thank you.   Whatever you said, however you said made a positive impact on those kids.    Usually she comes homes with a negative story of things that had happened, bullying or fights that occurred.   But today I saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes.   I tell her everyday to be the positive, even if everyone else around is negative.    And I think hearing your story and your triumphs over negative it put a lot in perspective.     What you do is amazing.   And if nobody told you today….YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!   May God continue to bless you and continue to use you as a vessel of His word.


Hi I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I was the girl who came up in front of everyone and looked in the mirror and started crying anyways I just wanted to thank you for what you said it actually made me really happy i appreciate what you did not many people have said that to me and it made me feel good and like you said it made me feel worth it anyways I don’t want to bother you anymore again I only wanted to say thank so much


I just wanted to let uk that u are my inspiration every day to keep my head up and to don’t give up when u went to the high school in Ashland Ohio and told ur story that was the best day of my life bc I needed someone to tell me that everything was gonna be ok and I thank you for that I sincerely mean that You brought positivity back into my life.